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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Powerful Goals That Changed Our Lives

I think that we all have some sort of goal, or desire, or wish that we would like to achieve some day. It’s just human nature that we would have these individual feelings about something we would like to do, or become. 
Maybe it’s something you have carried with you since childhood or just realized. Perhaps you were dealt a lousy hand as a child and always knew you wanted to change your life someday.

We all walk around with hidden feelings, and sometimes we divulge them to our closest friends just to get their opinion about what we’re thinking. This could be an admirable thing, but more times than not, it’s an obstacle. The reason I say this is, sometimes the person you’re talking to just wants you to stay as you are for personal reasons, or maybe some jealousy. It’s not to be mean, it’s just our nature.

It’s when you realize that if you’re ever going to accomplish some of these hidden desires, you have to decide that you’re going to do it no matter what anyone says or thinks. It’s only then that you will have the conviction to move forward, and know that no obstacles of any kind are going to get in your way!  
When you get this frame of mind, you will have the single mindedness to know you are going to start a journey that only you can do, and nothing is going to stop you.This is the state of mind that’s required to achieve any goal in your life. When you reach this state, you’ll know it, and it will be your driving force! 
Single mindedness is the art of having one over-riding purpose or goal. This had to be the frame of mind for Alexander Bell, Thomas Edison, The Wright Brothers, Benjamin Franklin, and all the other brilliant inventors of our time.

I’m also sure that these fabulous inventors had drawn up plans, put them on paper, and began their journey to achieve their mission (Goals). Perhaps without even realizing it, they were setting goals and developing plans (strategies) that would allow them to realize their dreams.

I’m confident they had volumes of notes about everything they were doing, or about to do. If something they had written down didn’t work, they just crossed it out and penciled in a new plan (strategy). One thing is certain; they would not be stopped from achieving their goal by any obstacle! Thus, we have the telephone, electricity, powered airplanes, and electric light bulbs.

Now it’s your time to get that same mindset, and go after your dreams, and we can show you how!