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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Goals You Can and Will Achieve

So many people think that setting goals is something that only businesses do, and don't realize that they can literally change their life if they knew how to set goals. They don't do it because nobody ever showed them how to set and accomplish goals. All they hear and see on the internet just tells them to put you goal in writing, visualize it, think about it all the time, and then your goal will be realized. And that's so far from the truth that when they do this, and the goal fails, they give up.  

Yes it's true that most major corporations and many small businesses do set goals, and do it on a regular basis. Why do you think they must do this? They must do it to try to gain a competitive advantage over the other companies in their industry, that virtually sell the same products as them. If they don't continually do this, they could lose their existing competitive advantage. They know that they can never relax, and not set continuing goals. 

The reason that goal setting works for the corporations is because they have been doing it for decades. They know exactly how the "process" of setting goals works. So, when they sit down at a goal setting session, it takes a considerable amount of time for them to just establish the goals they believe to be the most relevant. Just setting that first goal takes careful strategic analysis, and sometimes is done by many minds.


Then, when they have established their first set of goals, they go through another lengthy planning process to put their strategic plan in place. The strategic plan is the major link to each goal, and without it, their goals would fail also. This is the "how" in the process. How they are going to achieve each goal is spelled out in great detail. It's something they'll check and recheck, until they feel that have it correct. 

Then comes the tactical plan that will support the strategic plan. This is an extreme list of tactics that they'll employ, that will guarantee the accomplishment of the strategic plan. This detailed plan will be so clearly written, that everyone responsible for the execution of the goals will fully understand everything that needs to happen, when it should happen, and who's going to do it. 

Now you can better understand why most goals that individuals set for themselves will fail. And it's really sad that none of us were ever taught the art of goal setting, and it is an art, believe me. 

I have spent 38 years in a corporate environment and was very much involved in goal setting and strategic planning sessions during that time. After retiring, I decided to publish a goal setting workbook that would  help people achieve their goals in life. I knew it had to be scaled down and simplified so the average person wouldn't have to go through the process that corporations do. 

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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Learn to Set and Achieve Pesonal Goals Using a Special "Process"

There's a "process" that must be followed if you ever want to achieve anything of significance, especially your most important personal goals. The heart of the "process" requires that three significant segments be put in place first, and they are;

 1. Perform a thorough "Situation Analysis" that reveals everything that's important to you, the things you want to change, and everything that could  happen, and probably will.

2. Write a powerful "Strategic Plan" or "Process" that clearly but briefly defines the plan of attack to achieve the goal.

3. Then develop a "Detailed Plan" to support the Strategic Plan, that shows in detail every step you're going to take to accomplish every Strategy.  

Lets look at an example of what we're talking about. Let's use a sporting event, and it applies to all sporting events. Before the game the coach usually has outlined a "process", or strategy, for the team to follow and execute to the best of their abilities. 

This is referred to as the "game plan" and each player has been made aware of this plan well in advance of the actual game. Naturally, the goal in this case is simple, win the game! 

However, once the opposing coach recognizes the other team's game plan, he or she will institute a process or strategy to counteract what they are trying to do. This came be deemed a "roadblock" to stop the success  of whatever the other team is trying to achieve. 

The first coach will then soon recognize what they are doing with their defense, and begin to change his/her original process and devise a different one.

This goes back and forth during the entire game and usually, the coach who comes up with the best processes or strategies for either team will win the game.  

The point here is, the goal will never change but the various "processes' or strategies will have to be, in order to win the game. 

The same hold true for setting personal goals. You must develop a plan and a "process" that is understandable and executable for your goals to be achieved.  

If you run into a roadblock, and you will, do not change the goal! Go to your written plan and change one or two of the "processes" or "strategies" you originally started with! Do this for every obstacle that comes up.

Whether it's a team goal or personal goal, the fact is you must have a written plan to follow or the average goal will fail.

Think about the example above, and imagine if either coach only had one game plan in mind. The one who couldn't break through the roadblocks would invariably lose the game!

Another recent example of the importance of a complete plan is;

In the semifinal game of the world cup 2014, each coach had developed a game-plan for the entire team to follow, and this plan is meticulously explained to all the players.  

However, if the game went to a "shootout", meaning each team would select five different players to take five shots at the goal, defended only by the goalkeeper, he would have an additional "analysis' or "process" to follow. 

This analysis would outline exactly where the coach thought each shooter would attempt to hit the ball. The goalkeeper would memorize this plan before the game, so he would be able to go the side of the goal where they believed the shooter was going to hit the ball.    

The whole point of this particular blog is, if you want to change the important things in your life, then setting and achieving goals is the only way to do it.  

To do it correctly, you must develop a complete plan that mimics everything I've written above, and if you need help to execute this plan, go to our website shown below or email me at


Good luck and I hope you get everything you ask from life! James Egan



Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Easy Step by Step Solutions for Achieving Your Goals

I honestly just want to talk to you about goal setting in general. I wish more people would realize that they can get the things they think about, or dream about, or wish for. Carefully read this article and then decide which action you're going to take.

First of all, in today's world of instant gratification, more people than not don't want to go through the process that's required to achieve their goals. Oh yes, the majority of people do have goals. These goals float in and out of their head, but are never enacted upon. There's many reasons for not taking any action, but the main one is, they're really not sure how to achieve a goal.

You might say that you don't have any goals, so you're not worried about accomplishing something right now. You're just too busy at work, or home, to think about setting  goals. The fact is, we all have some dream or desire that we think about rather often, but since we have convinced ourselves that we're too busy right now, we just brush it off.

Think about all the things that you see during the day, at work, at home, while you're on the road travelling, or waiting in some airport, and you think, I'd like to have that, or do that, or go there. Once again, you just brush it off, no matter how many times the dream or desire enters our mind.

Oh sure, you have you're trusty daily planner full of things that MUST be done, and you call them your goals list, so you're convinced that you're constantly accomplish goals. These are not really goals, because they're things that have to be done. They're not a dream or desire of yours!

None of us ever had any formal training in the art of setting and achieving goals, and I've shouted for years that it should be part of every educational systems curriculum. Since it isn't, most people have no idea as to how to go about realizing most of their dreams. These dreams are really everyone's goals, even though they don't think of them that way.

If we can get everyone to realize that they don't have to shrug off every dream they have, and show them how to turn those dreams into reality, we will have done our job. So don't let yourself be just "one of the crowd" anymore. Let us show you how to change your life for the better, and step above the crowd!

James Egan  https://www.goalsforall.com