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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Goals You Can and Will Achieve

So many people think that setting goals is something that only businesses do, and don't realize that they can literally change their life if they knew how to set goals. They don't do it because nobody ever showed them how to set and accomplish goals. All they hear and see on the internet just tells them to put you goal in writing, visualize it, think about it all the time, and then your goal will be realized. And that's so far from the truth that when they do this, and the goal fails, they give up.  

Yes it's true that most major corporations and many small businesses do set goals, and do it on a regular basis. Why do you think they must do this? They must do it to try to gain a competitive advantage over the other companies in their industry, that virtually sell the same products as them. If they don't continually do this, they could lose their existing competitive advantage. They know that they can never relax, and not set continuing goals. 

The reason that goal setting works for the corporations is because they have been doing it for decades. They know exactly how the "process" of setting goals works. So, when they sit down at a goal setting session, it takes a considerable amount of time for them to just establish the goals they believe to be the most relevant. Just setting that first goal takes careful strategic analysis, and sometimes is done by many minds.


Then, when they have established their first set of goals, they go through another lengthy planning process to put their strategic plan in place. The strategic plan is the major link to each goal, and without it, their goals would fail also. This is the "how" in the process. How they are going to achieve each goal is spelled out in great detail. It's something they'll check and recheck, until they feel that have it correct. 

Then comes the tactical plan that will support the strategic plan. This is an extreme list of tactics that they'll employ, that will guarantee the accomplishment of the strategic plan. This detailed plan will be so clearly written, that everyone responsible for the execution of the goals will fully understand everything that needs to happen, when it should happen, and who's going to do it. 

Now you can better understand why most goals that individuals set for themselves will fail. And it's really sad that none of us were ever taught the art of goal setting, and it is an art, believe me. 

I have spent 38 years in a corporate environment and was very much involved in goal setting and strategic planning sessions during that time. After retiring, I decided to publish a goal setting workbook that would  help people achieve their goals in life. I knew it had to be scaled down and simplified so the average person wouldn't have to go through the process that corporations do. 

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