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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Easy Step by Step Solutions for Achieving Your Goals

I honestly just want to talk to you about goal setting in general. I wish more people would realize that they can get the things they think about, or dream about, or wish for. Carefully read this article and then decide which action you're going to take.

First of all, in today's world of instant gratification, more people than not don't want to go through the process that's required to achieve their goals. Oh yes, the majority of people do have goals. These goals float in and out of their head, but are never enacted upon. There's many reasons for not taking any action, but the main one is, they're really not sure how to achieve a goal.

You might say that you don't have any goals, so you're not worried about accomplishing something right now. You're just too busy at work, or home, to think about setting  goals. The fact is, we all have some dream or desire that we think about rather often, but since we have convinced ourselves that we're too busy right now, we just brush it off.

Think about all the things that you see during the day, at work, at home, while you're on the road travelling, or waiting in some airport, and you think, I'd like to have that, or do that, or go there. Once again, you just brush it off, no matter how many times the dream or desire enters our mind.

Oh sure, you have you're trusty daily planner full of things that MUST be done, and you call them your goals list, so you're convinced that you're constantly accomplish goals. These are not really goals, because they're things that have to be done. They're not a dream or desire of yours!

None of us ever had any formal training in the art of setting and achieving goals, and I've shouted for years that it should be part of every educational systems curriculum. Since it isn't, most people have no idea as to how to go about realizing most of their dreams. These dreams are really everyone's goals, even though they don't think of them that way.

If we can get everyone to realize that they don't have to shrug off every dream they have, and show them how to turn those dreams into reality, we will have done our job. So don't let yourself be just "one of the crowd" anymore. Let us show you how to change your life for the better, and step above the crowd!

James Egan  https://www.goalsforall.com