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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Achieve Every Goal Easily Using Our Guaranteed Goal Setting Process

Most Managers, Teachers, Administrators, Chief Executive Officers,  Coaches, Principals, Fund Raisers, etc., set goals for their subordinates, and the majority of the subordinates have never had any training about how to achieve a goal. So you see, there's a problem right here and no one is addressing it. Having said this, then it’s no wonder why most goals fail! 

This is prevalent throughout society, and there has never been a concerted effort in our educational system to change it. We just keep handing out lofty goals, such as, Teacher goals for Students, Supervisor goals for Workers, Manager Goals for Supervisors, Coaches goals for Players, CEO goals for Managers, Parent goals for Students, Principal goals for Teachers, and the majority of those responsible for attaining the goals are groping for answers as to how to reach them. 

Notice that I haven’t mentioned the Military, and the reason is most military schools do teach the art of setting and accomplishing goals. They are also remarkably passionate about teaching strategic planning, which is the most essential ingredient related to achieving goals.  So if that’s the case, why can’t the scholars and administrators of our educational system take a page out of the Military book and create a similar curriculum? If it’s that powerful in the military schools, then there has to be a compelling reason, right? Not only is it necessary, it’s essential! 

 Bottom line is we won most wars because of our Military Generals, and their understanding of how to determine what the “mission” should be, and what strategic plan has to be implemented to ensure the success of this mission, or goal.  The military teaches these subjects because they know how necessary it is for their Leaders to have this information when they’re engaged in a military conflict. 

Therefore, if it’s so critical in the military world, then why not in our everyday life, that we teach goal setting and strategic planning? Otherwise, how can we have people setting goals for other people to achieve and the “other people” have never been educated in this area? It just doesn’t add up! You just can’t ask a sales person to increase their sales by 15% without giving them some idea as to how they’re going to do it. If they had been taught the proper “process” of accomplishing goals, then you can hold them accountable for achieving them. 

Every student would be well-served if they were taught how to create and achieve goals. It would give them the confidence and the means to see what they must do when they want to achieve something personally, or in their business lives. This is a gift they would bring with them for the rest of their lives! Whenever someone said to do something by a certain date, they wouldn’t be intimidated. 

So let’s stop thinking that setting goals and writing strategic plans are only for the military, and see how useful it can be to everyone! These subjects deserve to be taught in our high schools and universities across this great country, so let’s push to make this a reality!! 

The entire goal setting process can be found on our website.